Stuck At A Cross-Road? Successfully Navigate Change

If you missed the workshop day, now is a unique opportunity not to be missed, especially if you’ve hit a cross-road, and need to CARVE out the SPACE to get the clarity you need to re-imagine your life, begin re-designing it and building your own success in the 2nd half. We will work through the personal strategy tools to build a personal road-map and discover the new skills that it’s going to take for living in a state of SUCCESS, no matter what the change and uncertainty.

4 Workshops:

  1. Now what? Finding the sweet spot of passion, vocation, mission and direction and re-imagining success for the next phase
  2. What’s next? Setting priorities to enable clear decisions in terms of  avenues to follow
  3. Lets face it: An honest assessment of what’s holding you back
  4. Eating the elephant one bite at a time: develop a step by step practical plan of action

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