The career gap…

Many of us plan our holidays more than we plan our own lives and careers. We “grow” by default, by what we happen to find in front of us, without purposefully choosing it. So we might find our ladder has been propped up against the wrong wall.

Without a clear destination- any road will take you there.

And, like a business brand,  you need to build your personal brand to gain twithout a clearly structured pathway forward to reach a goal that you personally value, you will find yourself procrastinating, or starting and stopping, never reaching your “total potential”, and ultimately feeling empty.

Many leadership programs are not goal directed with a clearly articulated carrer growth plan. This one is.

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Why us?…

Working with Total Potential you will find your own clarity: a “true north” or purpose with a structured written pathway to achieve that.

Total Potential’s Personal Brand Blueprint, Growth Plan and Activation:

Uses Marketing, Product Development, Brand ID, Strategy & Activation tools to navigate& master change and transition. This Six-part C – suite level program, pinpoints your own “true north”, your Sweet Spot. Covers personal identity and SWOT, career vision, & choice between career pathways. Clarifies personal step-by-step action plans to build your personal brand. A personal brand growth plan built on sound brand building tools, gives leaders the clarity to be able to follow through on plans.


  • “Brand You” external image building: networking, personal selling & communications

  • The “inside job”: leadership, character, resilience-through-change skills