The sales gap…

In a tight economy, growing the top-line (sales) is where the focus is. Gone are the days where word-of-mouth was enough. But typical “cold calling” doesn’t work: Why not?

  • Sales professionals hate doing it- they know that winging it does not instill confidence in their ability to have high level conversations

  • The customer does not like pushy salespeople or being “sold to”.

However, people have pain, and you can fix it by providing a solution. Also, time is wasted talking to the wrong people who cannot make decisions or won’t introduce you to those who can.

Why us?…

Close up to 5x the number of deals: customers value those who understand their business and teach them something they did not know. They value sales professionals who uncover and provide solutions to problems or pain they are having. We give you that capability to have these high level conversations with decision makers.

  • Sales and Business Development Getting to “Yes Please!” is a structured sales training and activation program which views business development as a “Marketing 1 on 1” skill which uncovers unmet pain and provides solutions.

  • Getting in: Instead of “just winging it” we develop and practice live, structured, customer-centric sales scripts, based on real client research & feedback. We develop compelling value propositions that solve client challenges. And we practice till we get it right.

  • Getting a brief/order & closing the deal: We structure a method that uncovers the customer’s real pain, and build a shared vision for solving it with your products and services.

  • We narrow the focus & strategically target best ROI customers.

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Sales success stories…

SELL TO C-SUITE, CLOSE DEALS - An Innovation Consultancy Services Client

Tessa took me through her sales process for a complex service with new eyes, and I found that the historical way of sales thinking is very much outdated. Tessa has a great talent for reading people & creating desired outcomes for any business situation. Her multifaceted background adds rich insights to all layers of a business. I can highly recommend Tessa – an asset to any business.



I was looking for a way to accelerate large scale sales. I had been finding often sales lead times into large corporates were extremely long, and complicated processes and lack of early clarity could slow down potential for gaining new clients.



I worked with Tessa one on one over 3 months learning her comprehensive and highly structured solution selling approach (including developing our value proposition and actual scripts from cold call to first meeting) for complex services sales. She also coached me in how best to structure persuasive credentials presentations from a customer needs based perspective vs. a supplier product based perspective.


Results & Benefits

I recently landed a large FMCG client that we had been struggling to close using the Getting to Yes Please! Techniques. This is directly due to the fact that I can now better articulate the unique value we add to our clients, using powerful reference stories, so I feel more confident to have the C-Suite level business discussions.

The work we did together was practical, thorough and specifically for Rocketfuel. I also left with a greater understanding of important aspects of client relationships and engaging with clients, not only in terms of the correct format structure to use for first time client meetings, but also from a psychological point of view. I am now able to navigate my way quicker through an organisation, and have the confidence to have the high level conversations with corporate decision makers because I am now speaking their language and able to consult to them about their pain and provide real customer driven solutions, rather than in the past, simply trying to sell them on our fantastic innovation product and design capabilities. I am already seeing a huge difference in the quality of conversations and sales I am getting which are prioritised based on ROI.

Sales Skills - Client Quadruples Sales in a Month


A financial services company was closing only 10% of sales leads. Within a month of using Total Potential sales methodology, 75% of leads were being closed and business quadrupled.

“We engaged Total Potential because we were having difficulty closing on our opportunities. Tess did a wonderful job simplifying our service and in particular focusing on the real expertise our customers wanted. Tess was easy to work with but at same time directed us to be able to communicate clearly our value. Result was we successfully closed 75% of all opportunities instead of 10% prior to working with Total Potential. I would recommend Tess to any organisation who needs to simplify their message and be able to clearly articulate the must have benefits of engaging with you.” September 7, 2011.

The Full Story

CLIENT ISSUE: There were 3 key scenarios occurring that caused their difficulty:

  1. Time was being wasted selling features (what the client did) when people buy benefits(what it does for/ gives them that they cannot get elsewhere)
  2. Sometimes they were articulating benefits to their clients, but where a need either did not exist or had not been recognised by their client
  3. They were talking to people who had no intention of buying from from our client the first place- they are merely a comparison to their vendor of choice



As a result, our clients’ success rate was low and slow. Valuable hours were wasted- 90% of the time, they were unsuccessful. They were not going to reach their goals and were considering throwing in the towel altogether


What We Did

We provided a sound technique for them to weed out time wasters, uncover real needs that buyers acknowledge, create a joint vision for the future, and selling benefits/ solutions to their problems
We provided them with that ability and clear way to articulate offers persuasively


The Client`s Result

The result was their business went from closing only 10% of the sales leads they followed- to our sales methodology they are now closing 75% and quadrupled their business within a month (testimonial from linked in)

Sales capability offers…

Sales testimonials…

This is what our clients had to say about us…

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