Getting to Yes Please!

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Just spent a fantastic 2 days spent with another of South Africa’s pre-eminent business schools, further developing their capability in key account client solutioning. Getting to Yes Please! is my blended challenger solution “selling” methodology for building business by providing comprehensive solutions within complex services environments (like education, consulting, IT, Finance or Research). It does this by uncovering clients’ pain and building robust total (in this case learning) solutions that will accelerate success and embed their partnerships for a lifetime. Really proud of what we achieved together and a big thank you for your genuine enthusiastic participation and sharing best practice with each other. I feel proud how quickly the team adopted and role played the structured 12-step framework, and saw the value in the steps they might have been missing (like exploring obstacles and implications of not acting). They said they loved that it’s “immediately applicable, STRUCTURED, hard hitting plug and play, with no b/s or fluff included!” Hashtagsolutionselling Hashtagsolutionsales Hashtagchallengersales Hashtagleadgeneration Hashtagbusinessdevelopment Hashtaggettingtoyesplease Hashtagkeyaccountdevelopment Hashtagsalestraining Hashtagsalesskillstraining

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